Westinghouse History

A good idea

George Westinghouse was a renowned inventor long before his name became a brand. He is the most productive inventor on record, credited with over 361 patents — many of them “firsts” that changed the way the world lives.


This spirit of innovation and commitment to improving quality of life is alive and flourishing at Westinghouse. Our solutions are as effortless as redesigning a store display to make products easier to find, or as revolutionary as reconfiguring the design of a ceiling fan to make it simpler and safer to install. Westinghouse ceiling fans are engineered and tested to meet or exceed high-quality standards to light your home, office or business.

Our Ceiling Fans reveal the essence of today’s lifestyle trends. While you enjoy our newest editions, we’re already busy planning for the future by exploring innovative options and new technologies that maximize form and function.


Customers in 128 countries choose Westinghouse for quality products and dependable customer service.