Save Energy with Westinghouse Ceiling Fans

For you and our environment

Households use a lot of energy: to light up our own four walls, for electrical appliances, for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. That is why Westinghouse is developing ceiling fans that help protect our available resources. Most of the models only use as much power as a 100-watt light bulb. To protect our environment and your wallet in the long term.

The right size is important

In order to ensure completely energy-efficient operation, make sure the size of the ceiling fan is appropriate for the size and height of your room. If the ceiling fan is too small for the room, it has to run at a higher speed in order to be effective. That wastes energy.

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Modern DC motors are more economical

Westinghouse sets new quality standards: The FANtastic, Delancey and Lenerco models already come equipped with an economical DC motor. You save up to 65% on operating costs compared to an AC motor, and you can choose from 6 speeds instead of 3.

Fast, quiet and long-lasting

Because of its larger diameter, the modern DC motor has a higher torque in the magnetic field. That means it reaches the necessary speed faster than a conventional motor, and it is extremely balanced and quiet despite the higher output. There is no compromising on quality, either: we provide our standard 10-year guarantee for the DC motors as well.

Retrofitting ceiling fans with LED technology

The use of modern LED lamps means energy savings of up to 90% compared to conventional light bulbs. Replace a 40-watt, 600-lumen bulb with a 7.7-watt LED lamp and save cash. See for yourself:

Rely on LED technology for your new purchases

The new Westinghouse ceiling fans, the FANtastic, Athena and Hercules Supreme, come factory-equipped with LED lamps. At just 17.5 watts, they are very economical. In addition, 1200 lumens and 2700 Kelvin provide a very pleasant light. Some other advantages of LED lights:

  • No warm-up time – bright light, instantly
  • Long lifespan
  • Many switching cycles
  • No harmful materials (no hazardous waste removal required)
  • Low heat generation