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Clockwise or Counterclockwise


Summer and winter modes for Westinghouse ceiling fans

Westinghouse ceiling fans offer you comfort and maximum energy savings year-round. Every Westinghouse model can be switched to summer or winter mode at the touch of a button.

Summer mode: a pleasant, gentle breeze

In the summer, Westinghouse ceiling fans keep your home pleasantly cool; the ceiling fan runs in reverse, in other words, counter-clockwise. It sets the air in motion, and the air flow creates evaporation chill on your skin. That means even when the weather is hot, the indoor temperature feels pleasant.

Winter mode: goodbye, cold feet

In winter mode, Westinghouse ceiling fans are switched to the clockwise direction. As a result, the warm air that collects near the ceiling is distributed evenly throughout the room, and cold spots and drafts are eliminated. It dramatically increases your comfort level without raising the temperature – and it means big savings on heating costs.